What 7 Bible Truths Save America?

God’s Plan for the USA is the step-by-step action plan for Christians and churches to learn and apply 7 Bible truths that are the only way to save our nation. Discover God’s answers to the problems that threaten our future as you gain understanding of what current events mean in the Bible. Finding God’s mercy will deliver us from the brink of destruction from judgment for our national disobedience. Applying these timeless truths gives freedom to live your Christian life, protect your finances, end political tyranny, make your family strong, and inspire you to live courageously.

Join Steven Andrew in learning this urgently needed wisdom. He walks through real-life examples from Scripture and American history that prove these 7 Bible Truths will save our nation and heal our land. This answer book is most comprehensive plan to restore the true American Dream and to help you be a stronger Christian. It is a must read for everyone concerned about America’s future.

In this book of hope, you will discover God’s answers to:

  • Spare the USA from economic collapse and potential captivity
  • End Christian persecution at work, school, and in the media
  • Protect your loved ones from terrorism and other dangers
  • Advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Make the USA great again

These 7 Bible Truths will make you a stronger Christian.

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Paperback: ISBN 9780977955091
Hardcover: ISBN 9780977955053
eBook: ISBN 9780977955060

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About Steven Andrew

Steven Andrew is pastor of USA Christian Church and chairman of the National Day of Prayer Revival Force. Inspiring millions of people, he shares God’s love with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaches how to heal our land. As a respected Christian leader and evangelist, building 25 ministries, he works with leading pastors and is often in the news answering today’s most perplexing national challenges with Biblical wisdom.

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Save America

7 Bible Truths


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